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      The Sale Panoramiche of the Castello Sforzesco of Milan hosts Le Mani Sapienti. From 10:00 am to 5:30 pm visitors may enjoy laboratories of luthiery, through the construction, repair and renovation of musical instruments like violins, lutes, guitars and so on.

      In the afternoon (usually at 3.30 pm) the Momento Musicale gives access to the live performance of talented musicians and students, and occasionally is accompanied by brief lectures on the subjects of music, education, behavior, and the effects music has on our mind and wellbeing.
      For whole activity programs see the calendar.
      Or download the program of Musical Moments.

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    • About us

      Sustaining of this project promotes musical education that is still not widely diffused, while contributing to forming professional figures that may fill the gaps between demand and supply in the field of music and spread the promotion of the art of making string instruments.

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      Sostenendo questo progetto si promuove l’educazione musicale, tuttora scarsamente diffusa, e si formano figure professionali che vadano a coprire gli anelli, oggi mancanti, tra la domanda e l’offerta in campo musicale e nella promozione dell’arte della liuteria.
      Un vostro contributo permetterebbe ai giovani di potersi avvicinare a questa disciplina con lo sguardo rivolto al futuro, nella ferma convinzione che il «sapere» e «saper fare» siano condizioni essenziali per la costruzione di un nuovo Paese.

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    Our Mission

    Building a nation in which you can believe and that gives you hope thanks to the help of the young. This is what makes us recognize ourselves in the African saying

    “If you educate a boy, you educate an individual. If you educate a child, you build a nation.”